The Macho Minute is about my dog Macho, a chihuahua I rescued in January of 2010. Macho was rescued from a house in Dearborn, MI where 100+ other Chihuahuas were found alive and another 150+ were found dead amongst garbage piled from floor to ceiling. Due to these living conditions, Macho is very timid at all times. I created the Macho Minute to share Macho's stories and progress, as well as my joy of rescuing a dog who needs extra love and care.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've Returned- With Stories of New Furiends!

My vacation went by way too quickly, but as always, I was happy to return home to see Macho. He really wasn't too excited- I actually think he was more confused than anything! But he quickly was back to normal once he realized that I was back.

I visited my Aunt in California, and she has two dogs- a boxer named Foxy Lady and a mix named Jackie Brown. I've met Foxy before, but this was my first time meeting Jackie. I think she is a pit bull mixed with quite a few other breeds, but I'm not sure which ones! They are both adorable, and my favorite thing was that they both sat on the couch in front of the window for hours just looking out at cars, people, birds, etc. It was hard to get a picture since the window is big and bright, but here's how they would sit:

It was pretty cute! They are both really good dogs. Jackie even has an awesome story. She lived her whole life at a shelter because she is pretty weird looking (in a good way though!). They said only one woman adopted her and brought her back because she couldn't handle her. When my aunt wanted to get a friend for Foxy, she went with her boyfriend and his son to pick out another dog. Her boyfriend's son was keen on Jackie, but my aunt was a little hesitant. But they adopted her anyway and found out that she was similar to Macho. She didn't like to be pet, and it even made her skin crawl. She didn't know how to play and wasn't too social. But my aunt worked with her and now she's a completely different dog! She likes to be pet now and even cuddles with my aunt (and with me while I was there!). I couldn't get a good picture of her either, she was just curious of what my phone was doing. But here's the best picture I could get!

Any ideas what other breeds she could be?

I didn't know that today is National Puppy Day, but I came across this website for it: It has quite a bit of information, but as always, my favorite part is about why you should adopt. Hopefully some puppies find homes today because of this day!

I've been pretty busy with catching up at work and trying to get back into a routine. I've checked up on a few blogs but will check the rest over the next couple of days. I've already seen some adorable pictures of pups in St. Patrick's Day gear that made my smile :)