The Macho Minute is about my dog Macho, a chihuahua I rescued in January of 2010. Macho was rescued from a house in Dearborn, MI where 100+ other Chihuahuas were found alive and another 150+ were found dead amongst garbage piled from floor to ceiling. Due to these living conditions, Macho is very timid at all times. I created the Macho Minute to share Macho's stories and progress, as well as my joy of rescuing a dog who needs extra love and care.

Monday, July 25, 2011

An Unpleasant Weekend!

It's safe to say that Macho didn't enjoy his weekend too much! On Thursday I put a little spaghetti sauce mixed in with his food, and lets just say it was a natural laxative for Macho! I came home from work on Friday to Macho looking as normal as usual, but with an unpleasant surprise in the house. That night, it seemed to only be worse. He began to throw up too, which was then all over my comforter, bed sheets, and bedroom floor. I felt terrible, especially because it's my own fault for giving him a little human food! On Saturday and Sunday he was feeling better but was sleeping a lot. I think he might have been dehydrated, so I started mixing food with his water so he would get some back into his system.

By Sunday night he was getting a little antsy. He was laying in funny positions (including using my ball of yarn as a pillow), and then would squirm around a lot. At one point he moved around so much that he got stuck under the blanket that we lay on "his spot" of the couch so it's not covered in hair. He found his way out eventually, and I had to snap a picture. I didn't get it in the shot, but his tail was wagging ever so slightly while this was going on. Almost like it was a game!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Days in Michigan!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately! I've been reading other blogs but never posting on mine for some reason!

It's been super hot here in Michigan the past few days. Macho has been going outside, but he is quickly ready to go back in! On Sunday we lost power when it was 90 degrees! Luckily our house stayed cool until the morning, but once we opened the windows, it was too hot for all of us. We decided it was time to pack up Macho and take him som
ewhere. We've taken Macho out in his carrier before, but mostly for the vet. So it was quite an adventure to take him to my parent's house for the day where it was nice and cool.

I was nervous that Macho might pee all over, or he might run into their basement to hide from all of us. It was nice because we had the house to ourselves when we got there as my parents were at work. As you can see from the picture, Macho took no time to make himself at home! What a goof!

Macho didn't go to the bathroom in the house once! And we were there for over 8 hours! I took him outside for a few minutes (since it was 96 degrees and very humid), and he went to the bathroom like he knew exactly what to do. I was very proud. He did fairly well when my Mom came home but got a little nervous when she pet him. Hopefully this means that we could take him more places than we thought we could!

Thankfully our electricity was turned on last night so we were able to go home and turn on the air conditioning. It's supposed to be hot the rest of the week, and I saw on the news that's it's hot all over. We hope everyone is staying cool somehow!