The Macho Minute is about my dog Macho, a chihuahua I rescued in January of 2010. Macho was rescued from a house in Dearborn, MI where 100+ other Chihuahuas were found alive and another 150+ were found dead amongst garbage piled from floor to ceiling. Due to these living conditions, Macho is very timid at all times. I created the Macho Minute to share Macho's stories and progress, as well as my joy of rescuing a dog who needs extra love and care.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Macho's New Home!

I haven't been posting on the blog for a while since we have been moving! It's been a little over 2 weeks since the move, and we are finally getting settled in.

Macho has been great during the move. The first few days were tough as he didn't know where to go to the bathroom which caused a few accidents. But since we have a fenced in backyard, we can take him out a lot more. He is slowly catching on that he is supposed to relieve himself outside instead of inside. He still has the pee pads to go on for moments when he is too impatient, but for the most part he has been waiting for us to take him out.

Last night was the biggest breakthrough in the house training. We had a few friends over to watch football, and Macho decided to hang out in the bedroom as more than 3-4 people in one room makes him a little nervous. He was in the bedroom from noon until about 10:30 at night. I had checked on him frequently, and I noticed that he really hadn't moved from the bed the whole time. Once everyone was gone around 10:30, Macho hopped out of bed and came to me. I knew he would have to go out, so I got his leash and put it on him. Usually in the morning when we do this, he can't hold it in and usually goes on the pee pad. I thought he would do it this time, but he let me take him out and he waited until he was outside to go! I am excited
for him that he's learning.

We moved in on a Monday and on that next Saturday we lost power during a pretty bad storm. We didn't get power back until Wednesday, so there were a few days that we were copping without having a refrigerator, TV, or even light once it started to get dark around 8:30 at night. Macho started to get sick of it too, as we weren't as lazy as we usually are when we don't have a TV to watch. I snapped this picture of him, and it looks like he is adjusting well to his new home :)