The Macho Minute is about my dog Macho, a chihuahua I rescued in January of 2010. Macho was rescued from a house in Dearborn, MI where 100+ other Chihuahuas were found alive and another 150+ were found dead amongst garbage piled from floor to ceiling. Due to these living conditions, Macho is very timid at all times. I created the Macho Minute to share Macho's stories and progress, as well as my joy of rescuing a dog who needs extra love and care.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Pics of Macho

Last night I put Macho on the leash and had him lay on the bed with me. He was too cute, so I snapped a couple pictures of him with my phone camera. On a leash, sitting next to me, and letting me pet him- he sure has come a long way!

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